Outdoor Activities in Capitol Hill: The Ultimate Guide for Enthusiasts

Outdoor Activities in Capitol Hill: The Ultimate Guide for Enthusiasts

  • Frank Snodgrass
  • 11/1/23

Moving to Capitol Hill puts you right in the middle of the action. Enjoy easy access to some of the country's most iconic museums, parks, and landmarks, ranging from the Library of Congress to the Supreme Court of the United States. But with historic buildings, countless tourist destinations, and beautiful neighborhoods that capture centuries of architectural splendor, is there any room for outdoor fun? This guide is for all the new residents and prospective property owners moving to Capitol Hill who like to stay on the move with sports, wilderness adventures, and everything in between. See what activities and five-star outdoor attractions you can find nearby.

Explore nature by hiking around Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the bustling seat of the American government, but there are plenty of destinations for adventurous outdoor lovers and hikers. When you want to get your feet moving, schedule a hike or jog at these iconic trails:

  • The National Mall: Enjoy sightseeing, well-maintained nature, and a five-mile trail. You'll see famous landmarks, sculptures, and plenty of sunshine. The path starts at Union Square and loops past the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.

  • Memorial trail via Jefferson Memorial: Looking for something with a bit more nature? This trail loops past the National Mall and Jefferson Memorial. Enjoy shady paths lined with trees, attractive scenery, and a glimpse or three of the Potomac River.

  • Potomac Heritage Trail: For a bigger challenge that gives you creekside trails through the woods, head just a bit north. This trail is 7.8 miles and moderately complex, so you can enjoy a great day outside.
When you love to jog shorter trails and park paths, you'll find dozens of options on Capitol Hill.

Enjoy the water around Capitol Hill with these activities

Washington, D.C., is near many bodies of water, perfect for an adventure. Head south to the Navy Yard neighborhood and Anacostia River, where you can rent a boat, look over the water from the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, or paddle toward the Potomac. The coast is dotted with boat rental services whether you want to take a canoe or kayak out on your own or take a boat tour of the city. You'll also find plenty of swimming pools across the neighborhood, including the William H. Rumsey Aquatic Center on North Carolina Ave.

If you want to enjoy the water without swimming or aquatic sports, enjoy a sedate evening by the river at The Yards Park, a park with a riverfront boardwalk, plenty of attractions, and fun outdoor activities.

Explore these attractions for fans of adventure sports and activities

Looking for an adrenaline rush to complement your sightseeing or outdoor adventures? Capitol Hill and its surrounding areas offer a host of thrilling extreme sports activities. Here are a few local options to get your heart racing:

  • Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy: Unleash your inner daredevil by learning the art of freerunning on challenging obstacle courses. This unique experience will enhance your running and jumping abilities, making you feel like a real urban ninja.

  • Diving Adventures: While Capitol Hill isn't near the coast, you can still indulge in diving experiences. Consider free diving or scuba diving, both popular pastimes in the area. Enroll in a class at a certified academy, obtain your diving license, and embark on underwater adventures in the diverse marine environments around Washington, D.C.

  • Rock Climbing: Despite the absence of mountains, Capitol Hill offers adventurous souls the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing. Local gyms feature rock climbing walls where you can hone your skills or sign up for classes at specialized centers like the Sportrock Climbing Center. In addition to traditional rock climbing, you can explore bouldering, a trendy alternative that shares similar skills and obstacles, all within the city's reach.
Whether you're into defying gravity, exploring the depths, or conquering heights, Capitol Hill has thrilling activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Spend time at these Capitol Hill parks

Do you enjoy more sedate outdoor adventures? Capitol Hill is home to lots of parks and hidden nature gems just around the corner from your home or workplace. Whether you enjoy jogging, people-watching under a shady tree, or feeling the vibe of Capitol Hill throughout the seasons, find time to stroll through these pleasant parks:

  • Garfield Park: Enjoy basketball, bocce ball, tennis, and more at this conveniently located public park along the southern edge of Capitol Hill.

  • Stanton Park: Stanton Park is instantly recognizable for its statue of Nathanael Green on horseback. The park also has geometrically designed walkways and shady spaces to relax and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

  • Providence Park: This grassy park is its own pedestrian intersection with two crossing sidewalks. Claim a bit of grass for a picnic, a moment of relaxation in the sun, or some freeform morning exercise.

  • Folger Park: Just across the street from Providence Park is Folger Park. Here, you'll find decades-old trees, unique and ornamental benches, and the perfect environment for some relaxation while you're out and about.

  • The grounds around the United States Capitol: The green space around the Capitol is the main attraction on Capitol Hill. Enjoy numerous walking paths around historical landmarks, a trip to the U.S. Botanic Garden, or a stroll around the water by the Grant Memorial. Check dozens of monuments and statues off your must-see list while enjoying a view of the Capitol building in the background.

Pencil in these seasonal activities on your calendar

There's always something to do outdoors in Capitol, rain or shine, summer or winter. During the spring and summer, you can enjoy the freshly blooming plants in the U.S. National Arboretum and United States Botanic Garden. On holidays across the calendar, find live music, festivals, and pop-up attractions across The Yards Park in the Navy Yard. Whenever you have a holiday off of work, check out the local community events calendar to find winter holiday celebrations, local runs and marathons, and more! There's always something going on outdoors.

Some resources you can use to find local outdoor events include:

Find your dream home near your favorite Capitol Hill destinations with Frank Snodgrass

Are you excited about adding these events and outdoor activities to your calendar? Local attractions, parks, and nature centers are all around Capitol Hill. If you want to live near your preferred outdoor spaces, Frank Snodgrass is here to navigate the real estate market with you. He can help guide your Capitol Hill real estate journey so you can easily search for homes that fit your criteria, explore available property listings, and navigate the transaction process. Contact Frank to schedule a consultation today.

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