Top 10 Shaw Restaurants

Top 10 Shaw Restaurants

  • Frank Snodgrass
  • 12/20/22

Shaw, Washington, D.C., is full of fantastic wine bars, shops, and restaurants that make Shaw real estate even more valuable. It is the ideal neighborhood for business professionals and growing a family. The area boasts a rich history with many places dedicated to the preservation of the historical contributions of the African American community. When shopping for Shaw houses, home buyers will not be disappointed with the amount of educational, social, and entertainment opportunities. One of the neighborhood’s primary features is its excellent dining options. These are the top 10 Shaw restaurants, from light bites to full-scale meals.

The Dabney

For those looking for genuinely local cuisine, The Dabney is where they will find it. Every ingredient is locally sourced and carefully selected to reflect the history of the mid-Atlantic region. The owners seek to showcase the high quality of the food grown and sourced in the area. They nod further to the area’s cultural history by making the kitchen’s central piece a wood-burning hearth. The highlight of the restaurant’s menu is a six-course tasting menu.


Highly rated Convivial is a French bistro right in the heart of Shaw. This restaurant features local produce to boost the flavors of its delicious dishes, and the owner makes creative renditions of classic French dishes that keep diners returning. High-quality food combined with classic favorites with a twist makes for a fantastic dining experience. Throughout the colder seasons, they offer warm drinks keep the chill at bay.

Oyster Oyster

A recipient of the coveted Michelin Star, Oyster Oyster provides a tasting menu that features the best every season offers. All the ingredients are sustainably harvested, including the oysters from the Chesapeake region. The menu is designed in the Oystertarian style (the restaurant’s take on a pescatarian menu), combining the locally caught oysters with vegetarian dishes. However, entirely vegetarian and vegan adjustments are offered. Guests will enjoy seasonal changes in the menu options, featuring the fantastic produce from the many sustainable mid-Atlantic farms, locally foraged mushrooms, and Chesapeake oysters.

All-Purpose Shaw

For lighter fare, diners will enjoy pizza from All-Purpose Shaw. This restaurant features New Jersey-style pizzas baked in a deck oven. Guests can enjoy caesar salad or antipasto before diving into their favorite pizza. This spot is not simply a place for the average pizza; instead, they offer unique combinations and many toppings, such as broccoli and fried garlic in a bell pepper sauce or corn, chorizo, jalapenos, and crema. This restaurant will surely become a favorite of anyone who purchases Shaw real estate.

Dacha Beer Garden

While the primary focus of this location is to serve a carefully curated menu of beers, Dacha Beer Garden also prepares some of the most fantastic food options in Shaw. Traditional Bavarian beer gardens are the main inspiration for the menu, and they place heavy emphasis on being farm-to-table with local sourcing. It is also a unique location, as it is an entirely outdoor venue year-round. Misters keep guests cool in the summer, and heaters stave off the chill in the winter. It is also a dog and family-friendly location.

Unconventional Diner

Unconventional Diner offers a unique dining experience by blending traditional favorites with a posh twist. From pastries to dinners, guests will find unique flavors to satisfy every taste. The menu also includes vegetarian fare alongside its diner dishes to offer options for those who cannot eat the regular menu selections.


The word supra defines a Georgian feast, with all its distinctive food and wine. Supra is the first restaurant in Shaw to encompass this. From vegetable plates to stuffed cheesy bread, this restaurant features Georgian cuisine with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. The restaurant’s interior showcases regional art to complete the experience. Patrons can also sample wine from one of the most renowned wine regions.


Guests will be transported to the 1930s when they enter Chaplin’s. It is designed after a busy ramen house and features traditional ramen and Japanese dishes. The restaurant also has a dog-friendly outdoor seating area. It makes an excellent combination of cuisine and cocktails for the perfect dinner pairings. Guests will find it a fantastic dinner choice and will be thrilled they found this location that is so close to Shaw houses.

Beau Thai

With recipes and cooking techniques learned in Thailand, the owner of Beau Thai has created a masterpiece of a menu. The restaurant goes the extra mile to source ingredients that are difficult to find to make the most exquisite dishes available. Everything offered is made from scratch with no exceptions, despite the detailed process that goes into food production. Additionally, the restaurant grows its own herb garden to help keep its ingredients fresh and on hand.

Nina May

For seasonal and local ingredients sourced within 150 miles of the restaurant, Nina May is an excellent choice. The menu changes seasonally, so guests will never be bored with what they have to offer. They also offer a special dining experience for two called “Chef’s Choice,” where guests can explore some of the seasonal options on the menu instead of settling on just one selection.

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